20 Goto 10

Everyone thinks of "Hello World!" as their first program written in any language.

I remember writing programs in "Basic" on the IBM PC in the mid 1980s.

The actual name of the language with "BasicA" I remember, for Advanced Basic.

It had numerical lines which you could number, typically in increments of 10.

10 Print "Hello World!"
20 Goto 10

That would create a loop, each time sending "Hello World!" to the screen.  You would have to press Control-Break to stop it.

The programs could get more complex.  I do remember the program Eliza early on that would ask you questions, and depending on the response, it would ask more questions.  I recently found out that was an early version of an AI program.  And there was a trucking game where you were the driver, it would ask if you wanted to continue driving or stop for a rest, eventually crashing the rig.

I used to download pictures from the BBS sites, if you looked closely at the dot-matrix output, you saw a bunch of gibberish.  Except if you stood further back, you saw images, I distinctly remember downloading a calendar called "Morgana".

We also had Flight Simulator game which I could never figure out.  And a program called "Decathlon" similar to Bruce Jenner attempting all the sporting events.  The thing is, to get your guy to run, you had to slam on the keyboard keys.

I remember my father connecting to IBM at work on the green screen and the text scrolled so fast on the 1200 baud modem, we said who could want anything faster, you can't keep up with the screen as it was.

And since the IBM PC had no hard drives, you had to load the program into memory before running it.  And if you cut a hole on the opposite side of the disk, you got double density writable on both sides of the Floppy.

And there was no mouse.  So my 9th grade typing class was probably the best class I ever took.  And we had a typing program to help you learn to type, I remember scoring 80 or 90 words per minute.

Those were the days.  Learning and playing on the computer for the fun of it.  Now everybody has a PC or Device they connect with, that do all sorts of cool stuff.  The graphics are amazing now, although I have no interest in gaming.

The internet has become kind of a marketplace for business activity as well as social interaction, similar to AOL chat rooms of the 90s.

So today is the Internets 25th anniversary, yahoo!~  One things for sure, the internet is here to stay~!