What Should I Learn Today?

What should I learn today?

Go deeper on Data Warehousing?  How to streamline SQL queries?  How about more MDX?  Or design patterns for ETL?

Wait, maybe Self Service BI.  Data Visualizations?  Mobile BI?  Embedded BI?  Geo-spatial?  Or maybe BI in the Cloud?

Then again, Big Data is all the rage, so should I open up my Hadoop VMs?  Or how about download the latest Hortonworks which runs on Windows Server?  Then I can dabble in Hybrid BI / Hadoop.

But you know, if I'm ever going to be a Data Scientist, I should be taking an online course.  Perhaps R.  And I have to know Predictive Analytics.  And don't forget Machine Learning.  And Log File analysis.  And Streaming.  And Graph.

Oh yeah, I also have to produce on my full time consulting job on a daily basis.

My head is starting to hurt.  Think I'll run downstairs and get a coffee.

And think about thinking about learning.  Remember, those who stand still will be flat footed and out dated in the blink of an eye. 

Get busy!

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