TDWI Keynote Speech

After watching the Keynote speaker for TDWI conference, something stood out which many people take for granted.

TWDI Keynote Link

It's the data that's important.

We've had data going back many decades now, once stored in VSAM files on the mainframe.  Then Relational Databases.  Then large DB like Teradata.  Then Hadoop (Big Data).

And many of the conversations surrounding Big Data are what platform are you using.  Shove a ton of data, from a variety of sources, process and find nuggets of gold called insights.

And a key point from the Youtube video is this.  Nobody in the Big Data space is talking about the complexity of wrangling with the data.  Merging complex data.  From disparate sources.  With no common linkages.  Data cleansing.  Data Governance.  Applying business rules.

These are some very core functions required in data manipulation.  Which the Enterprise Data Warehouse programmers have been wrestling with for years.  And they've found good solutions, frameworks, processes, standards as well as repeatable implementations.

And the keynote speaker goes on to say that the Big Data crowds have yet to tackle these multi headed monsters.  And that is why going forward, many Data Warehouse people can help pave the way for introducing known concepts into the new world of Big Data.

And that's a big concept.  Because the trains already left the station.  Big Data is chugging down the track at full speed.  And at some point, the train will need to cross the bridge of all the topics listed above.  Sooner or later.

Because those of us in the Data Warehouse community known the challenges of working with data.  And another key point from the lecture, Data provides value to the company, by reducing costs, increasing sales or streamlining processes.  And the DW community does not sell their value enough.  They should be touting cost savings, increased sales like an evangelist would.  Because it's an intrinsic part of the job description, which gets severely under reported.

I thought the presentation was great, I learned a lot and enjoyed it.


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