Self Service BI vs Traditional BI

Self Service BI is cool.  No question about it.

Microsoft's Power BI is a fun way for business users to download, manipulate and analyze data.

And typically the person doing the work is also the person viewing the results.  And analyzing the data.

There is very little "coding" involved.  Mostly point and clicking.

And this model serves a purpose.  It allows Business Users, Data Analysts, Power Users to be a self contained Business Intelligence army.

It also allows for quick turnaround, user friendly easy to use techniques and end product can be uploaded for collaboration, data refreshes and dissemination of reports and visualizations.

However it bypassing IT, no indication of data governance or coding standards, no guarantee of best practices or evidence the user has understanding data.

The entire Power Package is a great bundle of Self Service BI options. 

However, it's my impression that enterprise level Business Intelligence solutions require a Data Professional who understands the flow of data, cleansing, best practices, governance, manipulation of data and use the tools designed for such purpose.

I don't think the two offerings are competing products, Self Service vs. Traditional BI.  In fact the opposite, they each have specific user base and they overlap in functionality in many areas. 

Each set of products solves the problem of extracting data to find insight to manage the business.  One is designed for Power users who have little coding experience and the other for Enterprise data solutions used by Data Professionals.

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