Presented on SSRS for DBA's

I presented at the SQL Saturday in Tampa at USF.

And if I recall, I attended classes on the same campus the summer of 1990.

It was a 7 week Archeology series of classes, where we dug archeology out in the field some days and were in class the other.  I received 12 upper division credits that summer, which allowed me to graduate from University of Florida on time with a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts.

Fast forward to today, I spoke about SSRS for DBA's.  I submitted the session as "Beginner" so some of the more advanced programmers may have shyd away, here's the link to the session description: http://www.sqlsaturday.com/viewsession.aspx?sat=273&sessionid=20560

However, the room was packed, nobody walked out, and only one guy was sleeping.  My slide deck can be found here: http://www.slideshare.net/JonathanBloom1/ssrs-for-dbas

To be honest, this was my best presentation to date, the audience seemed engaged and interested.  Although my slide deck is rather bland, as I went through them, I got the feeling that the material was too dry, so I ad-libbed a bunch.  And 20 minutes into the talk, I realized I was half way through the slide deck, so I varied the topic away from SSRS into Self Service BI, to Hadoop, explained what it is and who the major players are, Data Scientist and their new role as well as InfoNomics and how people are now associating dollar amounts to databases and using that asset as collateral on loans.

About 50 minutes into the talk I asked if people had questions, which there were about 4 or 5, with one question I could not answer, does SSRS allow to query off Web Services, my guess is no, but do not know for sure.

I managed to do a few demos, showed an SSRS report connected to an Analysis Service Cube with MDX query, all done without writing a line of code.  And I connected to Hortonworks Hyper-V Hadoop cluster using HIVEODBC.

And since the talk was at 9am, I got that out of the way, to allow time to network and view other sessions.  Overall, the slide deck is a bit uneventful, but I spiced it up by discussing off topic subjects related to BI, Big Data and the role of being a report writer.

Not bad for an Anthropology major ~!

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