More Information Producting Worse Results

More data does not automatically compute to better or faster decisions.

In fact I would say it muddy's the water.

Facts become less clear.  Doubt enters the equation.  Too many pieces of the puzzle for the basic mind to comprehend.

Things used to be simple.  You have a problem, you speak with an expert, they solve the problem, you go on your way.

Now the line of clarity is blurred, too many factors, too many people involved, too much information to process.

I see the quality of service getting worse, despite the rapid rise in technology.

Things are just too damn complicated.  We have unlimited information at our disposal.  Yet problems compound in shorter increments.  Simple problems become complex the more people you add to it.

This impacts quality.

Example: What is the answer to a particular problem?  Yes.  No.  Maybe.  I don't know.  Wrong answer.  Incomplete Answer.  Conflicting answer.  Answer which leaves out critical information.  All of the above.  None of the above.  Are you going to hold me responsible for this answer.  Let me patch you through to voice mail.  You'll need to speak with Bob, he's on a 3 year sabbatical, would you like to leave a message.

You get the point.  In the world of data, more information could potentially lead you to faster or greater insight.  Yet in the real world, more information doesn't seem to be solving many problems faster.

As always, when you include humans into any equation, you must factor in emotions, hence, a biased or incorrect answer may result.