Microsoft Partnership with Hortonworks

Microsoft has teamed up with Hortonworks to create multiple options for Hadoop.

First there's HDInsight.  Big Data in the Cloud.  It's designed to work with data born in the Cloud.  Except you can upload data as well.  Once there, you can spin up your Nodes, run some jobs, then spin down the clusters, you only get charged for the uptime.  Good for proof of concepts, then bring logic on-premise.

Then there's HDP 2.0 for Windows.  A fully functioning version of Hadoop running on Windows Server.  You can connect via HiveODBC, PowerBI (Power Pivot and Power Query) Excel and as linked servers.  You pay for the commodity hardware, administer the app from Service Center and bring in data from a variety of sources.

You can also connect via Visual Studio.  .net has library's to connect to Hadoop as well as LINQ connectors.

Hadoop is becoming tightly integrated into the Microsoft Data platform, now called Hybrid Enterprise Data Warehouse.  Hadoop blends into the current infrastructure becoming transparent to the end user.  The benefit is adding Semi Structured and Unstructured to the mix.  As well as distributed parallel processing.

And Hadoop 2.0 is distancing itself from the dependency on Map Reduce Java programming.  You can now program using c# in Visual Studio or bypassing completely using HIVE.  You can ingest data, process queries, aggregate and export back to SQL Server, upload to your Analysis server and disseminate information from a variety of sources including SharePoint, Excel, Odata, PowerQuery and Power Pivot.

This article focus' on Hortonworks implementation, simply because it's been ported to Windows and Azure.  There are other Hadoop Vendors which are just as outstanding and provide excellent support, service and training.  I actually attended Cloudera's training course and learn most of my knowledge on Hadoop then.  And IBM has a tremendous offering as well, although I'm not as familiar with it.  And there are others.

I will say that Hortonworks partnership with Microsoft is strengthening both vendors and leveraging an existing developer set, me included.

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