Many New Leaders will be Female

Being a leader does not mean you will be liked.  Because a leader must face tough decision. And sometimes people don't like those decision. So they attack and blame and bully their point of view. So that causes many sleepless nights for the leader. Because they are responsible for the final outcome.  To ensure the choices made are for the betterment of the situation.

Sure it would be a lot simpler to go with the status quo, so people will like you. Except that's not the role of leader, to be liked.  Their role is to improve situations, see things through to the end, to roll up their sleeves when nobody else will, and to make tough decisions.

Decisions which have consequences.

Not everyone is cut out to be a leader.  Many people prefer to be led.  To have someone hold their hand.  Except where are these people when times are tough, when help is really needed.  They are nowhere's to be found, that's where.  They show up after all the hard work was done, take credit, and then attempt to take control.  Nice try.  Doesn't work.  These people are not leaders, they are opportunist.

I've seen some people, quiet and timid, who get bullied by the intense, aggressive tactics of bully's.  Once you see a bully for who they really are, there power is diminished.  And it's the quiet person who's really been the leader all the time.  And when it's their time to shine, it's like a shining diamond sparkling like beauty.

Some could say the male dominated society is like this.  Males have typically been stronger.  They got their way for centuries.  Now it's becoming apparent that the females, who have been leading from behind the scenes anyway, are now making their way as public leaders, and doing a great job.

There's definitely a turning point going on in today's society.  Many of the new leaders will in fact be female, using a blend in innate intuition with logic.  And the male society with brute force and aggressiveness will fall to the wayside.  And we will soon become a matriarch society.  In the world of horoscopes, we are entering the age of Aquarius and going away from the rigid society into a more fluid one.

As a mystic once said, "These times they are a changin' ".

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