How do we Leverage #Hadoop #BigData

We've been storing data for decades.

Hadoop allows us to store vast amounts of data, cheaper than ever before.

Which can help reduce costs.

But so what.

How do we get to the next level?

Form a business case.

How do I increase sales?  How do I streamline processes?  How do I monitor workflows to determine benchmarks?  How do I monitor the actions and behaviors of online traffic?  How can I predict weather patterns?  How do I analyze traffic patterns?  How do I monitor human behavior patterns?  How do I track down criminals.

A few examples.

Once you have a problem to solve, the next step is to form a plan.

I will gather data sets from a variety of sources, both internally as well as public data sets.  I will ingest them into Hadoop.  And query the data.  Look for patterns.  Associate events, people, occurrences that would not have otherwise been associated.  Mine the data history to help predict future behavior.  Link data that would not be linkable using traditional data stores.  Mash data from new sources to gain new insights.

Gather your findings.  Analyze the data.  Form conclusions.  Validate results with collaboration.  Set new policy's, curb expenditures, streamline processes, increase sales, lower costs, SOLVE PROBLEMS.

Create a repeatable set of tasks, to be re-run over time, to re-evaluation and fine tune your conclusions.

Rinse and repeat.

And that's how you leverage your data in the new Information Revolution Age to gain competitive advantage and utilize new technology.

Make it so!

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