Data Scientist are this generations Astronauts

Where are we heading?

Into the world of data.

We've been extracting data for years.  Into fancy reports and dashboards.  A bit of self service.  Now big volumes of data with parallel processing queries.

That's provided a lot of careers for a lot of people.

And everyone is hopping on the 'big data' band wagon.

Everyone is now a 'data scientist'.

Reporting, BI and Data Warehouse will continue to exist, transform and grow.

Yet the real power is in combining Math, Statistics with the Data and Business Domain Knowledge expertise.  That's an all-star combination.  And that's called a 'data scientist'.  Someone who really understands the math behind the algorithms.  It does require advanced math and statistics.  There's no shortcut around this.

And what do these people do all day?  They solve problems.  They theorize.  They write code to sample data.  They analyze and interpret the results.  They set hypothesis, research and form conclusions.  It really is a 'science'.  And not everybody is qualified.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm not a data scientist.  There's a good chance that you aren't either.  But for the professionals who possess the necessary skills, they are held in high regard, they will form the future of our society, by building neural networks, by writing algorithms and getting another step close to true Artificial Intelligence.  AI as in creating a 'consciousness', not regurgitating huge volumes of data and winning chess match / Jeopardy matches.

I believe that the 'Data Scientist' are this generations Astronauts.  For they are exploring uncharted territory, possess great skills, high intelligence, produce results, and pave the foundation for the next generations.

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