Data no Longer Considered Garbage

Whats the life span of data?  Used to be data was captured, held for a while, then archived on tape, stored offline, and never seen again. If for some reason the data needed to be viewed some person would get the microphish or tape backup for one time viewing or print off to paper. 

So the data lost most of its value at that point. Now data can be store and kept rather inexpensively so the shelf life has been extended for longer periods of time. 

That data can now be refernced, viewed, analyzed, mashed together using big data. We can access through Map Reduce or for those less technical SQL. 

Data can be sent to Dashboards for summary level visualization, with drill down to raw details. 

No longer do we discard data for lack of value. Data has tremendous value for organizations. If you know how to harnesss and leverage for maximum potential. So we can keep data forever if need be. To data mine, predict future, look for patterns and build neural networks for artificial intelligence by training models. 

Once considered garbage and thrown out to the tape dump, data has found new life and risen to the top of the heap. Justly so. 

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