Data Becoming an Asset #Infonomics

You know how much you paid for the chair you're sitting in.  Probably the desk too.  I'm sure it's documented somewhere.

How about the building, you know how much you pay in rent per month.

What about the data that sits in your database?  What's that worth?

Simple question, not so simple answer.

Data is becoming an asset.  With an assigned value.  Does it depreciate over time.  Or appreciate in value?

Can you apply Data as an asset to secure collateral on a loan?

I introduced a new concept back in August of 2013, the Certified Data Appraiser.

You can find the blog post here:


Imagine, an entirely new concept, occupation and financial instrument in the making.

This concept is currently known as infonomics, you can read about it here:


All in all, each day, as people surf your websites, you are steadily increasing your data loads and could in fact be building a wealthy asset for future use, for collateral on a loan or asset when you sell the company.

What are your thoughts on this matter?