Blogging Don't Require No Certifications

There's a lot of smart people out there.  With advanced degrees.  Good positions with good company's.  Plenty of recognition throughout the industry.

I've got an Anthropology degree.  Worked in banking for 4 years.  And have close to 20 years in IT.  How am I authorized to speak about subjects like Big Data?

Well, I have taken the less traditional approach to career.  I haven't worked for a major "software" company.  I've worked for company's that have an IT department who have a need for reports and maintenance of custom applications.  Hard to get recognized when swimming in the smaller lakes off in the distance.

However, I've had a steady uphill climb, with little to no support along the way.  I'm basically self taught.  And I've changed my career path many times so I haven't had the luxury of becoming known for a specific language.  And I moved around every few years going after more skills and more salary, because when you start your career making $15,000 a year, you have a bigger hill to climb.

Yet I have good problem solving skills, I take on new challenges, I learn the latest code, I'm curious, I have good mental stamina, I love to solve problems that nobody else can solve, I see the big picture and watch the trends, I have good intuition and can recognize talent from fraudsters.

I'm surely not the greatest programmer to ever exist, but I can stick with a problem until its solved.  I'm a bit slow when learning the business rules and will ask questions over and over until I understand, and then I know it rock solid.  And I can finish a project and show results.

I grew up in a computer family, I was online in the mid 1980's on a 1200 baud modem, calling local BBS to download stuff, I learned DOS in the early to mid 1980's, I took Fortran in college.  And solved the rubic's cube in the 6th grade.

Overall I feel qualified to write about new topics as I do have experience working with Hadoop for a few years now and my unique perspective could possibly add value to the articles found online.  Sure I don't have a PhD.  I've never written articles for Forbes or New York Times.  But I'm here day in and day out letting the world know my thoughts about IT, Programming, Big Data and the life of Jon Bloom.  Maybe one day someone will stop at this site, read deeper into the vault and say, this guy is a bit out there, but some of his stuff really makes sense.  How come nobody's ever heard of him.

And as always, thanks for reading ~!