#BigData Knows You Better than your Mom

If they want to know who you associate, they look at your cell phone history.

If they want to know your purchasing habits, they check your credit card transactions.

If they want to know your wealth, they check your bank account.

If they want to know your daily happenings, they check your online profile data.

Big Data knows you better than anyone, including your mother.

They know your preferences, your habits, your social life, your financial life, your tastes in politics, music, entertainment, your personal beliefs, when and where you travel.

Everything you do leaves a digital audit trail.  And those who have access to that data, know everything about you.  Credit Reports, tapping phone wires, hiring detectives are all so passé, now a social profile report reveals just about everything.

Welcome to the world of glass houses, surveillance and lack of privacy.

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