#BigData #Hadoop not Mandatory for #DataScience

Data Scientist can work with Big Data and Hadoop, but it's not mandatory.

I spoke with an old boss the other day, who had a job posting for Data Scientist.

So I asked what technologies will be used in that position.

r, SQL-Server and Cognos.

I asked, "not using Hadoop", replied "no not necessary".

Interesting, because most people think that Data Scientist position grew out of Hadoop.

So it is possible to be a Data Scientist and never tough Hadoop.

Apparently the person they are looking for is more of a Data Miner or Statistician or Actuarial with knowledge of data an technology.

Personally, I thought Data Scientist were Domain Knowledge Experts, Technical savvy and goo with Math.

Notice there's not Big Data and / or Hadoop.  That's the definition I'm going with.

For me, I loved Statistics class back in college.  And I know technology pretty good.  And I've got some industry knowledge in several sectors and I've attended the Cloudera training course and VM and dabbled in Hortonworks VM and installed on Windows.  But am I a Data Scientist.

Perhaps we'll find a clear definition at some point.

And so it goes!

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