Best Part About #Hadoop, it's Free

When a new technology comes out, technical people want to see it.

Not only see it, but touch it.  Take it for a spin around the block.

There are some great Data Visualization programs out there.

So I downloaded a copy and installed it.  And soon got a phone call from the home office.

Asking me to purchase it, yet wouldn't disclose the price.  And ever few weeks I would get another call, because I attended a webinar or downloaded a white paper.

And after 14 days, my trial evaluation expired.  No more playing with new technology I suppose.  On the next call I was granted another week to evaluate.  Once that expired I was done with it.  And haven't touched it in years.

Along comes Hadoop.  Free to download.  Free to install.  In a tight and easy to use Virtual Machine.  Or for the more courageous, install from scratch.  A full functioning product ready for production.  No phone calls from pushy sales people.  No expiration data.  Plenty of online documentation.

Win.  Win.  Win.

And that is a major reason why the technology is taking off.  Sure there are Vendors out there who service the product, provide training, maintenance and updates, for a fee.  But at least you know what you're getting into.  At least you can download and use the technology with being rushed.  I'm all for Hadoop.  With each version, it's getting crisper, easier to use, better integration, better knowledge bases, becoming an ecosystem in itself as well as a Data platform.

You can keep the pushy sales reps, I'll take a free Hadoop any day.

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