Become a Coding Warrior

You can read technical books.  Or attend training classes.

But they don't teach you everything.

When you have a production server down, losing valuable time, customers and money, you really don't have time to go through your notes.  You have to rely on your gut wisdom to solve the problem, get the server back online.

I've always loved the thrill of that.  Being the goto guy when nobody else can solve the problem.

Because that's how you grow.  You gain wisdom by tackling the tough problems with no easy solution.  You have to get in the weeds, jump into the deep end of the pool, with no safety net, and swim for your life.

And over time, those experiences add up.  Because in life you are thrown curve balls from time to time.  And sometimes you have no resources to help.  And you are going to have to solve the problem unassisted.

And that's where you build inner strength.  Inner confidence.

So become a Rambo, a coding warrior.  Take on the tough projects that nobody else wants.

In the end, those are the most satisfying experiences, and they help you grow the fastest.  No matter how conservative your approach, you will encounter a problem which you don't know how to solve.  And those are the true tests in life.

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