Because Hadoop is so New

In the world of technology, things move pretty fast.

And no matter which direction you aim, there's always somebody who's already mastered that and has been doing it forever.

Perhaps they already wrote a book or two, maybe they helped write the code years ago for the actual product or maybe there's already an established hierarchy in place.

What I like about Hadoop is the level playing ground.  Everybody is new to it except maybe those who worked with it at Yahoo back in the day.  So whoever has the most desire to take the plunge and learn it has the opportunity.  There are no barriers.

With Hadoop, we're all newbies.  There's so many pieces to the puzzle.  And it's changing rather fast.  And there's already several flavors.  And that opens the doors to allow anybody a chance to become an expert.  A bit of freedom if you ask me.

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