Who Reads These Blog Posts Anyway?

When you think about blogging you think about content.

Typically a blog has consistent blog posts, subject matter remains the same.

The blog writer must have his or her audience in mind when creating content.

What should we write about today?  Who is my intended audience?  How will they perceive my article?  Will my blog post offend anyone?  Should I write technical content that actual programmers will use one day to solve their problem?  Should the blog be more of a story with start, conflict, resolution, end?  Or how about perceptive observations?  Or what about telling the truth on touchy subject matters which most people know but don't talk about?  Should the post be cutting edge?

Basically, who the audience member in which the blog post is guided towards?

Personally, I feel my reading audience has changed somewhat over the years.  Based on the page visits, it seems to be a mix of technical interests, some regular followers, some people who read dozens of articles at a time, some who get here, do a quick scan and get out.

I don't really have a clue on who the typical readers are.  I've gone to events and meet people who regularly read my posts.  Even met some workers at client sites who've known me from blogging.

Suffice to say, most blog posts are like spewing mental vomit into cyberspace with no idea who the intended audience might be.  That's kind of a scary thought.

Nonetheless, the blogging must go on.  New content must flow from the ether world into the blog sphere.  Round and round the wheel goes, where it stops nobody knows.

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