Top 16 Answers on the Board

1. Technology changes really really fast.  It's very difficult to stay current without putting in extra time off hours.

2. There are tons of really smart people entering the workforce, that will work for a fraction of the cost, except they don't have the business experience yet.

3. Although technology is supposed to simplify things to free up your time to do other stuff, in reality, technology is extremely complicated with all the hooks into other systems.

4. The workforce is a battlefield, like it or not, not everybody is on your team, although they should be.

5. Your employer and your boss are not responsible for keeping your skill set current, they have problems that need solving and if you can't do it, they'll find somebody tomorrow.

6. Full time workers have very little job security, which is the opposite of what the work full time means, so brush up on your skills, your social network and your resume.

7. Most employers are watching your surfing habits at work, and if they wanted to, they could take action at any time against you.  Most people abuse the surfing policy set in place or surf on their mobile device.

8. Recruiters can and will help you find a gig, however, if they don't find you a job right away, chances are you'll go down to the bottom of the list, until some new recruiter start working there and goes through all the past resumes.

9. Working 30 years for a company used to be the norm, now it would be ludicrous, most people switch jobs ever few years to avoid becoming obsolete casualty.

10. Many coworkers talk about their private lives at work, which is good topic of conversation, except it's not considered best practice and could be used against you.

11. Many employers don't mind you working over 40 hours per week, but as soon as you request a few hours off for a doctor's appointment, they'll dock you without hesitation.

12. Yearly reviews are typically devoid of personal feelings, they are descriptive narratives written in robot language with hidden meaning to let the next boss know your work habits.

13. The majority of jobs today can and will be automated in the near future, if you aren't providing value or have proprietary knowledge of how the business works, you could be out the door in tough times.

14. Your pay raise will consistently be in the very low percentages, which means you are falling behind the rate of inflation, the only real way to get a descent raise is to switch jobs.

15. You should never accept a counter offer, your boss will hold it against you and you'll end up quitting anyway.

16. The skills they teach you in college have very little to do with succeeding in the real world, if you're smart, you'll take an internship or work on the side to get a taste of how the real world works.

To summarize, roll with the tide, take responsibility for your career, try to do the right thing even when nobody's watching, and most important, enjoy what you do for a living, as you'll be in the workforce for more than 40 years, take is slow, it's not a race, it's a marathon.