The Three Rs

Reading Writing Arithmetic.

We had to learn them growing up.

That meant writing in cursive language.  Reading from books.  And multiplication tables.

I'm not sure what's required in today's classrooms.

Except I'm sure there's a lot more kids growing up that are more tech savvy than Three R savvy.

It's funny, I was good at the multiplication tables.  And solving the math problems.

In fact, they moved me up to the 3rd grade class just for math.  I was there for a little bit and then re-joined the 2nd grade math class.

Today the computer can do all your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  So can a physical calculator, which is kind of obsolete anyway.

And kids type more than they write.  And they read websites, not books.

I'm all for change and progress.  Just wondering if the kids today are losing out on some basic skills.

And let's not talk about social skills.  The online social network and emails are causing people in general to dissolve face to face contact.

The basic stuff we grew up with is slowly fading away, specifically the Three Rs.

And there you have it!

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