Sports Prepare Youth for Real World

Part of being a good programmer is the final process.

Getting all the ducks in a row.


Verifying all code found it's home in source control.

Releasing code into production.

And showing the final product to the clients.

Recently I had to present a live demo via Webinar / Bridge line.

There were about 6 people on the line, including the project sponsor and several of their key VPs.

To prepare for the meeting, I outlined the bullet points in which to speak about.

Nothing fancy, just some scribblings on a notepad.

Then I ordered the list, removed some items and was ready to go.

This reminded me of preparing for a sporting event as a kid.

You don't know exactly what's going to happen, you have a general idea, but you can feel the adrenaline flowing.

I was involved in sports early,  Bowling league at age 6, swim team at age 7, soccer team at age 7, baseball, basketball and finally tennis at age 10 and violin in the 2nd grade.

If you've ever competed, you know what's involved with the pre-game rituals.  Try to stay loose, yet focused, mentally prepare for the event, and when the time comes, allow things to flow naturally.

My presentation lasted 45 minutes and it seemed well received, answering any questions, showing the methodology we used, some of the exceptions we ran into, how we handled them, and what the next steps were.

I believe that youth sports help prepare in the daily happenings of the business world.

Because when it's game time, you have to produce.

It's just a fact of life.

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