Save Us or Replace Us? Robots

Where are things headed?

Algorithms.  Number crunching.  Predicting behavior.

Loss of jobs.  More automation.  Intellectual division between menial labor and thinking jobs.

There is pressure from the bottom.  From foreign counties.  Willing to work for less money and fewer benefits.

There is pressure from the top, education becoming more expensive, more competition for fewer positions, inflation chewing away at cost of living, baby boomers can't afford to retire with people working into their mid and upper 60's.

Will computers take over.  I believe they already have.  Production lines can create quality products in shorter time at less cost and work 24x7.

Traffic lights funnel the masses automatically controlling (or should we say preventing) the flow of traffic.  Big Data predicting who will by baby diapers.  Election results known hours before the polls close.  Weather patterns studied up to the minute to regulate transportation.

Automation is systematically removing humans from the work equation.  Makes for happy shareholders.  And more unemployed.  This trend will continue.

Until the average man can no longer afford the goods and services which he/she produces.  Which is the exact definition Marx predicted will trigger the collapse of capitalism.

Robots are slowly integrating into society.  As they develop in complexity and become more human, they will do the work of humans at minimal cost.

Is this a good thing?  As most technologies designed to free up our time for relaxation, they tend to have the reverse effect and make things more complicated.  Soon the robots will replace the migrant worker jobs, then the middle class jobs.

And if there ain't no jobs, well then, that could be a problem.  Are robots here to save us or replace us.  You tell me.

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