Review of the Social Network

I recently watched the movie: The Social Network

It portrayed Mark Zuckerman, the founder of the popular social website Facebook.

A smart nerdy Harvard student, who was eager to find status in the elite groups of Ivy League schools, designed a website for Harvard students to rate women students based on looks after a breakup with a girl from Boston University.

The site was extremely popular, which brought the University network down, in which Mark was reprimanded.

It also brought notoriety to a few student entrepreneurs, who asked Mark to design a website they had the idea for.

Mark agreed to help them, at the same time, created a website of his own, without using any of the original source code, to become the eventual Facebook.

The entrepreneurs eventually sued for property right theft, and Mark paid them a hefty sum to not discredit the website.

Mark also had a partner / co-founder, who did help tremendously in creating the original algorithm and finances to get the ball rolling.  This guy and Mark eventually had a falling out and his role in the company was washed out, which triggered a lawsuit and settlement amount undisclosed.

There was another investor, the founder of Napster who assisted Mark in getting his site into the right people's view, however, the guy was into partying and it seemed he used Mark to get revenge on previous vendettas.

All in all, everyone involved became mega rich, the site is a huge success and the movie left you with a feeling that Mark is a brilliant guy who followed through with an idea and should be credited for that.

He did create enemy's along the way, and his brash persona only inflamed the rivalry's.  It seemed his original drive and motivation was to get girls and get included into elite groups.

I'm sure with his wealth he can get basically anything he wants.

On another note, it's interesting to notice that Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg were both Harvard students who went out on their own, struck it rich.  These two men will never need to worry about money in their lifetimes.

They seem to have the same drive, ambition, lack of social graces, technologically brilliant, but most of all, able to capitalize on once in a lifetime opportunities.

Perhaps its that exact type of personalities, take no prisoners combined with technological prowess, that is required to remap the social fabric of society.

They're both brilliant at what they do and deserve credit.

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