Lots of Hype in 2013

2013 was the year of hype.

Big Data.  Data Scientist.

Everyone jumped on the band wagon.

Everyone had all the answers.

Except nobody could pin down the specifics.

What is Big Data?

What is Data Scientists?

There's still no conclusive answer.

I contributed by blogging about it, promoting it.

I only worked on one project that was considered Data Science without using Hadoop.

Those who are true Data Scientist tend to strut on another level.

And others who claim to be DS may in fact not be.

The old joke in Software development was Vaporware.  Where the sales people go out and sell a product that hasn't been created yet, while the developers are back at the office designing and building it.

The main difference is Hadoop was already created.  With a strong community base expanding in all directions.

While the evangelist were out in full force.  The Analysts were pushing it full steam.  The business knew it was important but didn't know how to implement it.

And not much discussion of how this new tool can be used as a weapon, the darker side of Big Data.  Some talks of Best Practices, a code of ethics.  That works for the majority, except for the rogue and national orgs who are not mandated to comply.

The University's are teaching the bright young minds of today.  Shortly these college grads will join the workforce and bring it to a whole new level.

I hope 2014 we get more into the details, more clarity, more structure, better definitions, better business cases, more real world examples.

Let's better define what a Data Scientist is, how it integrates with existing Data Professionals.  The number of job descriptions in the Data ecosystem is already staggering from Database Developer to Report Writer to Data Warehousing to ETL to Business Knowledge Expert to Statistician to Data Mining to Data Visualization Expert.  There has never been a cohesive job description which encapsulates everything.  Not sure that will ever change.

The Big Data phenomena swept the data community in 2013.  Now let's turn that talk into action and bring it to the common folks.