Lastest Data Warehouse Project

Working with a financial institution, we were tasked with building some reports based on 7 metrics.

So we gathered the specs, went in search of the raw data from a variety of sources, built the Staging tables, the Data Warehouse tables, moved some data to Master Data Services, created the ETL SSIS packages, created the SSAS cubes, then built 14 SSRS reports via MDX and some detailed reports using OLTP, and pushed the reports to SSRS web server.

Today I gave a presentation to the project sponsor, a webinar with bridge line.  I thought it went well, I spoke for about 45 minutes, displaying reports, explaining methodology, relaying some of the exceptions, showed how the reports provide value, how they export to Excel, and how the Cube is viewable from Excel via OLAP.

A few more days on this project to close things out, then on to the next project.  To think I started this project less than 3 weeks ago, fun stuff!

And so it goes!

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