Intro to Microsoft MDS

Microsoft has a solution for centralized data management.

It's called MDS or Master Data Services.

It allows data to be stored in a separate database with Models, Entities and Attributes.

A Model is basically a database schema.  An Entity is a table.  And Attributes are fields.

You can import your data through staging tables.  You truncate the table, load your data and execute a Stored Procedure to upload the data.  Once verified the data is available.

You can also create Views to access the data.  And you can scan your data using the online website.

Another cool feature is a downloadable plug in for Microsoft Excel which allows Inserts, Updates and Deletes via Excel.

Why go through all this?  To have a centralized storage location for specific data to be maintained by end users or database developers.

No longer do we store employee information in 9 different places, making reporting difficult and inaccurate.  Now we have a single source of data to query against and populate the data warehouse.

Here's a quick link to get you started:  http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/sqlserver/ff943581.aspx


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