Improvise on a Daily Basis


It's a key ingredient in the world of Business Intelligence.

Long ago are the days where IT sits in an ivory tower, distanced from the customer.  Where they got their 100 page design specification and went to work for 3 to 6 months locked away.

Now we are on the front lines, face to face with the customer.  Interacting daily, setting up meetings, getting design specs, asking for business rules, reviewing the data, overcoming obstacles.

The only problem, IT was not formally notified of this change.  So those developers sitting back in their chairs, raising their hands, waiting to be spoon fed, are in for a shocking eye opener.

Because they will be left in the dust.  As the nimble workers dance circles around them, producing results, on to the next project, while they are stuck in the mud.

A new reality for the world of BI.  Dance in the rain or be washed away from the tides.

Learn to improvise on a daily basis, as no two days are similar.  We get new stuff thrown at us all the time and we must adapt to the changing circumstances.

Yes, the ivory tower has been stormed, we are naked before the client, now think of something quick to say while you tend to their needs, or be out of a job.

For the record, you've now been notified.