Free Thinking Problem Solving Programmers

Do you know how to think?

Can you solve problems?

Do you know how to look at the same problem from multiple angles simultaneously?

Can you weigh the pros and cons to deduce the best practical approach?

Do you know how to view a situation from a unique perspective?

Can you see through the chaos for visions of clarity?

Do you ever get flashes of insight?

Can you solve a problem through non linear approach?

Do you know how to look at a problem with an untainted bias?

Can you harness your innocence to unravel a knot?

Do you enjoy the challenge of solving problems which nobody else can solve?

The education system does not teach problem solving.  It teaches memorization skills.  That is why we have a shortage of thinkers and that is why most company's can not find the talent they're looking for.  Schools teach you how to follow orders, how to prepare you for lifelong servitude.  The system is designed to keep people from becoming a free thinker.  And free thinkers are some of the best problem solvers.  And problem solvers are some of the best programmers.

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