Consolidation of Information Not a New Concept

Jesus Christ.  Lived a long time ago.  And he was the inspriration for many of the Bibles.  And the bible is the most read book in existance, I think.

Except the modern day bible is not the original.  It has been condensed, modified, re-written, passages removed based on the desires of the leaders throughout the ages.

A sort of cleansing if you will.

Fast forward to today.  The internet blasted open the world of information.  It exposed all knowledge to anyone with an internet connection.  And all was well.

There is a subtle change occurring before our eyes, completely hidden.  And that is the consolidation of information.  And that information is now in the hands of a few.  Which opens the door for cleansing, hiding, customizing what you can and can't see, as well as deliberate hiding.  Similar to what happened with the Bible.

The information holders can filter what you see.  They can track what you view, to build a Social Credit Report to determine your habits and risk factor.  And they can even change history if they deem necessary.

They are already doing this with television.  You watch what they feed to you.  If they want to portray the world as aggressive, that terrible people are plotting to bring down society at any moment, well then society responds to that and in essance, they are molding society through the flow of information.

And the same thing will happen with Information.  Long gone are the days of book burning to rid the threat of tainting the minds of little children.  Now they just suppress the information they don't want you to see.  And in another generation, that information will be a forgotten memory.

So this subtle transformation of consolidating information into the few is actually a great threat to the prosperity of society.  It could be a tool used for greatness, or as a prison to keep humanity down.  A form of control.  To keep us dumbed down, so we're obedient consumers and workers and do what we're told.

A tool to control the masses.