Concentration Dispite Distractions

Passion determines Success.  No wait, it's really Creativity that determines Success.

Maybe it's Concentration.  I find that working as a consultant, there are far fewer interruptions.  Less emails.  Less face to face interruptions.  Less drive by's.

And that allows a programmer to think for hours at a time.  Can you imagine?

The world has become an Attention Deficit Disorder breeding ground.  You typically get about two minutes before bombarded by emails, requests, people, meetings, etc.

It's gotten quite chaotic.  Almost like a battlefield.  And television is partly to blame.  People can no longer hold a thought.  There minds drift like screen flashes on the tv jumping from subject to subject.  A sort of dumbing down if you will.

So if you add up ( effects of television on society + the chaotic nature of the workforce + the constant barrage of interruptions from co-workers + social media distractions + cell phones ), then you can see how precious it is to have quiet environment in which to concentrate uninterrupted and get lots more productivity.

And I find working as a consultant provides that type of environment for the most part.  And the ability to concentrate for extended periods of time for a programmer is a commodity difficult to find in today's workforce.