Business Process Rules Provide Value

Here's a tidbit of information for you.

Do you know what is as important as data?

Business Processes.

The person who knows and understands how things happen in a company is golden.

How do leads happen?  How do leads flow into Salesforce?  How are leads given to Distributors?  How does an item get sold?  Where is the price book for SKUs?  How does a sale get booked into Accounting system?

You get the point.

In order to get at the data, the Data Professional must know and understand the Business Processes and how the data flows between systems.

Typically, the person(s) who knows this information can use it to rise to the top of the pack.  And sometimes they retain this info, releasing bits and pieces sparingly to retain sole ownership.

Because if this info was documented and easily accessible, then that person loses value and job security.  And we can't have that now can we.

So if you want to report on all the data, you must first know the flow of data through the systems and the business processes.

Make is so!

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