Top 8 Reason #BigData not Implemented at Your Org

Big Data is great.

It's captured the hearts and minds of the greatest data people today.

I've done my best to learn the concepts, the technology and the lingo.

Except I've yet to use Hadoop on the job for a real client.

And I bet there's lots of similar stories in this space.

1. Change is difficult.
2. Unknown costs both short term and long term
3. Difficult to find knowledgeable resources
4. Unproven ROI
5. Current system works just fine
6. Lack business case
7. Too much fluxuation / players in this space
8. Top management won't buy in

From my consulting view point, I still see Data Warehousing going strong.

Many / most org's don't even have a good mechanism for viewing production data, let alone need for Big Data.

Do you realize how difficult it is to concoct accurate, reliable data, in viewer friendly display, in a timely manor?  And then mash data between datasets.  Many companies are starving for traditional BI. 

They can get by with a mid size luxury sedan, they don't need the Ferrari, in order to go to the grocery store, pick up the kids for carpool and attend Church every Sunday with the entire family.  The Ferrari would be great, maybe as a second car, but for everyday living, it's just not practical for some orgs.

Would I like to program Big Data eventually?  Definitely!  Will it become mainstream?  Definitely.  Can orgs gain competitive advantage, reduce costs and find insight?  Definitely.

Perhaps just a matter of time.

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