To Data, a Verb

Google is a thing, it's a place, it's a company.

And it's a Verb.

I'm going to Google this.

How about data.

Data is a thing, it's a place and it takes up space, has definition and structure.

And I say it's a Verb as well.

How is that.  Any statement can be backed up with facts.

And facts are found in the data.

Let's "data" that.

What that means is, Let's back that statement up with some data.

Verb: To Data

I data
you data (informal)
he/she data's
we data
they data

Used in a sentence, "Personally I think he's full of crap, but I data'd it and he's correct."

So going forward, please feel free to use data as a verb.

Just don't forget to give me some credit for the idea.