Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis.

I read this on a tweet this morning:

"You can state a problem a thousand ways, but you will solve nothing until you come to understand the root cause."

We've had plumbing issues since we moved into our home Jan 2008, I posted about it here:


And so, our plumbing problems still exist.  And my current plumber, who is awesome, decided to call his buddy to bring in another camera, down the drain.

So he identified the "root cause".  Apparently this house has interesting design, which doesn't allow for much room, which means they used 3" pipes instead of 4" pipes.  Issue #1.  Next, while viewing the video camera of the snake, he noticed there's a T-Square connector about 10 feet down.  Which means everything is getting caught on that, so when it does, the 2 sinks, the shower and the toilet all back up.  Issue #2.

Luckily a quick plunger will alleviate the back up rather quickly.

The down side, in order to fix the T-Square, they'll need to open up the wall in the garage ceiling and find the pipe, and then replace it with a bunch of Y pipes.

So I asked the plumber for 2 estimates, one high end the other low end.  If it costs too much, we can hold off for a while, at least we know what's causing the issue.

And after 6 years of trial and error, mostly error, we've identified the "root cause".  Not sure how the pipes got past inspection many years ago.  And I wonder how the previous owners of this house handled the issue, because it's been there since 1989, classic case of pass-the-buck I suppose.

So never give up on solving a problem, the answer is simply waiting there to be discovered.!

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