Misconception - Lack of Qualified Data Scientists

People say there's a lack of qualified Data Scientists to meet the current demand.

I would disagree with this statement.

I've met several intelligent qualified MIS students, some Graduate, some Bachelors, who are about to graduate, and talk of the difficulty finding a job.

They have programming knowledge, reporting knowledge as well as Data Science statistical modeling knowledge.

They claim that the number of entry level jobs are diminishing, every company is looking for well seasoned employees.

The classic, how do I get experience if nobody will hire me.

So with all these qualified candidates lined up ready to work who can't find jobs, something is not correct when people say there's a lack of supply.

It's a lack of willingness of employers to hire college grads with no experience.

And then what exactly is the point of getting a degree, even an advanced degree, if no one is willing to hire.

Just saying!

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