MDX Query Builder in SSRS

This weekend I worked on some Data Warehousing and Reports.

The SSRS reports pointed to an SSAS Cube.

So instead of writing Transact SQL, it required code in MDX.

However, there is a Query Builder which simplifies things.

It's sort of like drag and drop, from the list of Dimensions, Facts and Measures, but you can also add Parameters.

It builds the MDX parameter query for you, which is hidden from the results sets, however you can show the query and modify it.

And then set the Query as "Shared" so all reports can view the same query.

The reports each had two datasets pointing to the same cube, one query for the Chart and one for the tabular grid.

It's amazing how many levels deep the chart configuration settings go, they have a customizable setting for everything in SSRS.

At the end of the day, 6 reports were created in SSRS pointing to SSAS Cube.

Apparently in MDX a problem can be solved many ways, luckily, the MDX Query Builder does most of the heavy lifting for you.

On to the next assignment!

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