Latest Project

I've been enjoying my latest project.

Building reports off a data warehouse using the Microsoft BI stack.

So there's searching for business rules, looking for data sources, writing SQL in SQL-Server and Oracle, building tables in Stage and Data Warehouse, ETL in SSIS, SSAS cubes and finally writing SSRS reports in MDX and Pivot Tables in Excel.

I was asking all the people I could find, where is the source of some data.  Everybody said the data didn't exist.  Except the head honcho said the data is in some of the existing reports.

So what I concluded is the data doesn't exist in electronic format, and what we were building would eventually become the source of that data.

So we built some Models, Entity's and Attributes in MDS and that is now the official source of this data.  Master Data Services, which stores the source data, is updatable from an Excel plug-in, and populates the Staging data which eventually flow through the data warehouse into the Cubes, which end up in the Dashboards.

Overall we got a lot of work done in a short amount of time.  Some long hours, good teamwork and camaraderie.

I hope after this project concludes on Tuesday, they have more work lined up for us.

And so it goes!