#SQLSat248 Tampa BI - Big Data Edition Recap

SQL Saturday #248 was yesterday.  It was a great event.  I was a volunteer and presenter and I attended 2 of the pre-conferences.

On Thursday, Bill Pearson showed us Power Pivot.  I have to say Bill is a great presenter and knows his material well.  Articulate and a great story teller.

On Friday, I attended Tim Mitchell's SSIS presentation, a definite SSIS wizard.

Saturday the day started at 5am, picking up the Krispy Kreme donuts and bringing some of the supplies to USF College of Business Building including 12 cases of water, coffee cups, 10 dozen cookies, 4 cases of chips, etc.  The volunteers pitched in getting everything set up and checking people in, did a great job.

I presented on Big Data at the 10am hour.  I had two Virtual Machines running in Hyper-V.  Hortonworks Sandbox 2.0 and Hortonworks HDP 1.3 for Windows.  I went through some slides and then a demo on Hive, Hue, moving data from Hadoop using ODBC through SSIS and then through Excel Power Query.  Overall I was happy with the presentation.

Lunch was great, tacos from Tia's Tex Mex.

Then I was a bit nervous about the 4pm presentation I was giving on PowerBI.  First off, half the lecture was doing the demo, connecting to the Office365 in the Cloud.  To prepare I charged my Verizon MiFi in order to have good connection.  However while presenting the demo, the connection got lost and there was about 5 minutes of "dead air".  The audience was patient with me until connection was restored.  I showed off Power Map, Q&A, Power Query to Hadoop HDFS, creating a Gateway and Data Source to an On-Premise SQL Server 2012 database.  Granted some of PowerBI is still in "Preview" mode.  The audience asked some questions, seemed interested in the topic, maybe next time I'll have a backup plan in case the internet connection goes down again.

Then it was raffle time, many Vendors giving away some great stuff.  There was good energy throughout the day.  I manned the Agile Bay booth on and off so I got to speak to many of the attendees.  And I chatted with the volunteers while getting ready to present.  And then it was cleanup time which went quick and easy.

I thought the venue was terrific, many USF students attended and the presentation by USF professor on Big Data was worthwhile. I had a chance to speak with him afterword's we discussed Big Data present and future, it seems they do a lot of work with Business to analyze data and write papers.

And a big "Shout Out" to Jose Chinchilla for another exceptional SQL Saturday Tampa Bay BI / Big Data edition!

Everyone get ready for the next SQL Saturday in Tampa February 2014:


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