Self Service Quality Assurance Team

Self Service is the newest thing since slice bread.

You can slice it, dice it, you can puree it, boil it, toast and even grill the data you need to identify insights to help run your business.

Uh, one question when you have a minute.

When you were mashing up your data sources, joining disparate data sets and creating pretty dashboards, did you happen to have the Self Service Quality Assurance team look over your numbers.

Because I last heard that your cool Visualization was just presented to the CEO and Board of Directors, and it seems they have some concern about the numbers.

You see, we have an entire Business Intelligence department who went to school for years to train, get a degree, attend seminars on weekends, read blogs and are very analytical, and they have the official numbers for the organization.

Your Visualization created in this fancy expensive software, although pretty and colorful, is void of any accuracies and contains flagrant errors.

Although you created it in between meetings, running the business and between sales calls, your effort is commendable and highly appreciated.

Just one thing though, don't ever publish your reports / dashboards to the corporate intranet site without permission.

Have a great day!

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