Presenting to Audiences

I presented two sessions this past weekend at SQL Saturday Tampa BI / Big Data edition.  One on Big Data and one on Office365 PowerBI.

A few weeks prior I presented on Intro to SQL and Big Data at the local IT Pro Camp.

So I was thinking, am I an expert in each of these topics?

What is an expert? 

Because someone who claims to be one usually isn't.  Same with self proclaimed Visionary's.

Big Data is hot right now and the industry is constantly changing.  Surely there are people who know the ins and outs and minute details at a deeper level.

PowerBI is brand new so the knowledge I do have from experimentation is okay to present to those who haven't been exposed to it.

And my Intro to SQL was very basic, however when asked by someone in the audience, does it get more complicated, I responded that these are the basics, like notes on a scale, you can play twinkle twinkle or you can play Mozart, depending on your skill level.

I wouldn't consider myself an expert at anything really, I know what I know, and there is so much to learn about everything.

However, I feel I know enough about a variety of topics to speak intelligently to an audience for a period of time.

I went looking for the guy who knew everything about everything and I still haven't found him yet.  In the meantime, I'll gladly discuss the knowledge I do have and give back to the community.

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