Corporate Structure Similar to Chess Board

If you think about it, the corporate structure in any organization is similar to a chess board.

You have the King CEO at the top.  Very well protected.
The Queen, versatile yet powerful, your SVPs.
The Knights can jump and wonder all around the board, your middle managers.
Your Rooks, straight forward, deliberate with much strength, your supervisors.
And your Bishops, move diagonally, can zip across and capture like nobody's business.

And finally, the front line of pawns, your help desk support, your programmers, your sales & marketing and accounting.

The Pawns do most of the grunt work, are somewhat expendable, not much effort placed on them since they cross the entire board and are limited in their movement.  Some pawns can apply checkmate so can play a pivotal role in your org.

One team, working together with a common goal, perhaps.

So where do you fit in the chessboard of your org?

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