Azure SQL Reporting Services In the Cloud Going Away

Recently I saw this article in the social stratosphere.

Windows Azure SQL Reporting Services will be going away.


However, Microsoft has provided an alternative, running SSRS Reporting Services on a VM in the Cloud.

I feel that approach gives the user more flexibility and more control.  Spin up the server when you need it, shut it down when you don't.

And there's less of a learning curve become most developers already know SSRS and how to maintain the server.

Except what message does that send to the community, how important is Reporting Services going forward.  What will take it's place or will there be much development to SSRS going forward.

Perhaps the new PowerBI integrated into SharePoint in Office 365 may be a new direction.

At this point, current Azure SQL Reporting Service users have some time to migrate off the cloud.

There's always change, right?