What Have I been Learning Lately?

In the past few weeks, I've been learning lots of cool things.

I learned how to create Hyper-V VMs.  In doing so, I learned how to create an Active Directory host which authenticates users to other VMs running on the laptop.

In addition, I loaded another Hyper-V for SharePoint 2010 with Performance Point.  In doing so I loaded AdventureWorks2012 and AdventureWorksDW databases in SQL-Server.  Then downloaded a sample project on the web to push the data to SSAS cubes.  Which are then exposed for querying in MDX or Performance Point or PowerView.  Or even Excel.

Next, I've downloaded Hortonworks Hadoop Sandbox 1.3 Hyper-V.  I got that working with some slight tweaks and could connect from the host machine.

Next I downloaded and installed Hortonworks HDP for Windows 1.3.  That took some time to install as there's a lot of steps.  However that's now working.  In addition, downloaded the Hortonworks ODBC and connected Microsoft SSIS to HDFS and moved data to SQL Server table.

After that, I began work with Microsoft Power Pivot, Power View and Power Map for Excel 2013.  After requesting and getting authorized, I signed up for PowerBI, which includes free downloadable Office 2013, SharePoint in the Cloud, PowerBI, Email Exchange and a lot more.  I created a Gateway to my local pc, created a Data Source pointing to SQL-Server and was able to query that data, from the Cloud, from Excel Power Query, after signing into the Account.  Not too shabby.  From there, can load into Power Pivot, Power View and Power Map.

I was also able to query HDFS from Excel Power Query.  I actually did a live demo this past Saturday with mixed results, my Laptop wasn't cooperating and Power Query froze after setting first column as headers.  I continued with the demo and showed HIVE and PIG (Grunt) from the Command Line.  And then showed off querying the web from Power Query.

Next I signed up for Windows Azure free account for 30 days.  It has SQL Servers, VMs, Mobile, Networks as well as Storage Accounts and HDInsight.  I haven't yet created anything yet, not sure how the actual billing works even on free accounts.

Lastly, I created a Yammer account for my side business Bloom Consulting.  It's cool, has lots of features, just want to get familiar with it and learn the basics.

And tonight I downloaded Hortonworks Sandbox 2.0 Hyper-V and was querying the HIVE tables within minutes of starting the VM.

There's still so much to learn.  Go deeper into Hadoop with Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Oozie, Flume, etc.  And I want to learn Power Shell still.  And lastly I'd like to kick off a c# Map Reduce job against Hortonworks Hadoop HDP 1.3 for Windows for my demo in two weeks.

So never a dull moment.  And so much to learn!

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