Troubleshooting Doesn't Happen Overnight

This blog post is a bit off topic, so you're forewarned.

We moved into our home January 2008.

And since then, we've had issues with the plumbing.

Specifically the toilets.

They back up all the time.

And there's no pressure.

So we replaced the toilets.

Except the plumber took a short cut and the upstairs water flowed through the ceiling on multiple occasions.

We had that repaired.  Along with 4 other plumbers investigating.

We had the lines snaked, multiple times.

We had a camera sent down the line to look for oddities.

Then one of the plumbers suggested to have the lines snaked on top of the house, which we did, and that helped a lot.

Except we've still experience low pressure and toilet backups ongoing.

Until Sunday night.  I was running the hose outside.  No pressure.  I traced the line back and it ran to the water conditioner.  That's strange, we stopped using that when we moved in, stopped adding salt and unplugged it.

So I called my plumber he was out yesterday, removed the entire thing.

Guess what, we have water pressure now!!!  Yippie!

So he did a follow up visit today to replace the inner on all 3 toilets and we are now back in business.

A fully functioning house, only took close to 6 years.

And so it goes!

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