Top 10 IT Predictions

What do I see for the future of IT.

Cloud.  Plain and simple.  More people are moving there, so get use to it.

Big Data.  Not just for low level programmers.  New tools will simplify allowing common people access.

Analytics built into the app.  Previously, the BI/Report Developers were notified after a project was complete to do their work.  Going forward, BI will be part of the UI experience.

ROI.  People will finally realize what their cost of doing business is.  This is the holy grail of business.

Business and IT will unite in harmony.  It's a win-win for both sides.  IT will remain relative and the Biz will finally get some real service.

Predictive Analytics will find its way into average companies.  The data is sitting there, information ready to be plucked from the tree,  the time is ripe.

Sensors will be embedded in most devices.  Creating an Internet of Everything.

STEM graduates will increase to fill the demand.  Including females.  It starts in schools and Universities.

OnShoring.  IT jobs will return to the states.  As the cost of doing business of questionable quality, management difficulties and increased salaries will drive CIOs to reconsider.

And finally, going out on a limb here, many computer Geeks will find dates to the prom.  And then rule the world.

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