To the #Microsoft #Cloud

Within the past 2 days, I've signed up for Microsoft Cloud offerings:
  • Office365
  • Windows Azure
  • Yammer
  • PowerBI
Why so much activity lately.  While attending the SQL Pass summit, speaking with some of the Microsoft employees, it seems to me that all new offerings will be found in the Cloud first.

That is the easiest deployment model to get the max software to the people as quickly as possible.

Once vetted in the Cloud, based on user feedback, they will most likely create an On-Premise version next.  Once they determine a workable pricing methodology, as it gets complex rather quick.

What is enterprise, small business, educational, non-profit, personal use vs. business use, etc.

With that said, I'm jumping onboard the Cloud wagon with no plans of turning back.

Microsoft has provided a solid career since 1996 and their software offerings cover just about every facet of technology out there.

Just saying that soon everything will be in the Cloud as people's fear of privacy, data exploits and pricing are contained.

The Cloud offeres reliability, ease of use, availability, redundency, fail over, you name it.

To the Cloud!

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