Presented on Saturday

The presentation at ITProCamp this past Saturday is in the history books.

Intro to #SQL Sample Code #MSBI

The room was about 3/4 full or about 20 people attending.

After getting connected to the Projector, I waited a few minutes, then began the presentation.

I didn't go for a verbose slide deck.  Basically had 7 images.  First one was a lady sitting at a desk with papers stacked to the ceiling.  Before IT.

Then an image of a "Spreadsheet", the early 1990's, Lotus 1-2-3.

Then "Databases".

Then "SQL".

Then "Advanced SQL".

Then "Win-Win" image for customer/t-sql developer.

Then an ad for "Help Wanted", as learning SQL will make you marketable.

And finally "Opportunity", as SQL will open doors for your career.

Then the Demo.  I thought the presentation might be too entry level.  Perhaps for some it was.

However, one person asked if SQL was very simplistic at first, and then grew into more complex.

Yes, actually, that's exactly how it works.

I gave the analogy that you can learn the scales of music, and then play twinkle twinkle little star or you can play Mozart, choice is yours.

There were many questions and the class seemed interested in the topic.

I explained some of the "gotcha's" I've run into over the years.  Like appending the seconds " 23:59:59' to a date variable so as to not exclude data.

And sorting by ordinal number such as:

Order by 3,2,5

Instead of:

Order by LastName, SSNbr, PersonSK

Overall I thought it went well.

I was then asked to speak at the 1:30 Big Data class for my boss at Agile Bay.

Jose Chinchilla did a great job explaining Big Data/Hadoop and then it was my turn to do a live demo.

So I had 2 Hyper-V VMs running, plus several Excel docs as I'd given demos in the morning.

So when it came time to import data to Excel Power Query, it found the data Hadoop HDFS, brought it into Excel, BUT then I tried to set first row as header and the it didn't work, even after re-starting Excel.

So the Demo-God's were angry with me that day.  So I gave a quick intro to querying the Web Index and displaying NBA 2013 results.

And then demo's Hadoop HUE HIVE query which did return results.

Some great questions and that was that.

Overall a great day of presenting, met some new people and bumped into some old friends.

And that's that!

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