#PowerQuery is the Next Best Thing for #BI

Power BI is the new sensation from Microsoft!

I attended the Microsoft SQL Pass Summit 2013 this week in Charlotte, NC, where I got an in depth view of the power which is Power BI.

Office365 is the place in the Cloud which holds the Excel documents.  Excel has a new feature called Power Query, actually its been out for a while under a different name.  With this tool, you can query all sorts of data, from text files to csv files to databases of all variety's to ODBC to Hadoop to OData and get this, you can query web pages live on the web, in addition you can pull in data from specific parts of web pages.  For example if there's data available on 3 different pages, you can write a custom function to pull in and append all 3 pages into a single table.

Those tables get placed into Power Pivot, which creates Models and relationships with other tables, which can then be viewed in Power View and Power Map.

Just amazing. Why?  Because the end user now has the power to pull their own data, bypass the DBA, do ETL on their data, report on their Data, bypassing the BI developer.

This is a turning point the world of Data!

You have to sign up to get registered and approved from Microsoft:


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