#Microsoft #MSBI Offerings Tough to Beat

Five Points to Business Intelligence

A.  Source
          Flat Files, CSV, Excel, Access, Database, Web, Data Feeds, OData, Log Files, Application Data, Open Data

          Data gets moved from Source to Destination via a transformation process where data is cleansed and business rules are applied.  Data also gets Mashed up with other data sets.

C.  Destination
          Flat Files, CSV, Excel, Databases, Data Feeds, OData, Data Warehouses (Dim/Fact Tables)

D.  Model

E.  Presentation
          Reports, Dashboards, Web Pages, Graphs, Charts, Scorecards, KPI, Drill Through, PDF, Email, Embedded, Mobile

Three Types of Business Intelligence

1.  Traditional
          A.  SQL-Server, Flat/Excel Files
          B.  SSIS
          C.  Data Warehouse
          D.  SSAS, Tabular Models
          E.  Dashboards, SharePoint, Power View, Performance Point, SSRS Reports

2.  Self Service
          A. Variety of Data Sources
          B.  Power Query / Excel
          C.  Excel Tables
          D.  Power Pivot
          E.  Power View, Power Map

3.  Big Data
          A.  Raw Text Files, Images, Zip Files
          B.  Map-Reduce, Hive, Pig
          C.  Output Files
          D.  Power Query --> Power Pivot --> Model OR SSIS --> SQL-Server
          E.  Power View, Performance Point, SSRS

Two Locations

1.  On Premise
          A.  Physical Server
          B.  Virtual Machine
          C.  SharePoint
          D.  Hadoop HDFS Cluster
          E.  Parallel Data Warehouse

2.  Cloud
          A.  Azure Web Servers, Databases, Reporting Services (SSAS not there yet)
          B.  Azure VM
          C.  HD Insight (BlobStorage replaces HDFS)
          D.  Office365

Microsoft offers a tremendous variety of Business Intelligence Solutions.  Many times, organizations will mix various offerings to suit their needs.

With that said, Microsoft will need to quickly identify a way to push software to their users.  As they stated, software will be pushed through the Cloud first, allowing the community to sample and provide feedback.  MS will then use that info to tailer the On Premise products.

As I've stated before, there are some vendors out there who produce quality products in their specific niche, but there aren't a lot, if any, vendors who offer such a variety of offerings across the entire gamut of Business Intelligence products.

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